I will admit something to you all right now: I am not a big fan of fantasy, whether it be epic fantasy, old-school pulp fantasy, or even contemporary urban fantasy. Other than Tolkien or Howard I haven’t much for the genre; I’ve always preferred science fiction, the works of Bradbury and Card. But I have some friends who’ve written some books, and I said I would read them. They happen to be fantasy books, and I must confess that they are pretty good.

The first one I will call to your attention is The Order of the Four Sons, a first book in a series that’s co-written by Coyote Kishpaugh and Lauren Scharhag. In this book we enter the world of the Order, where two ancient magical sects battle for possession of an artifact known as the Staff of Solomon. The one who possesses this artifact can open doors to other dimensions; such power can hold the potential for great existential destruction. But here’s the rub: the staff was broken into pieces, and some of the piece have been lost to time.

We meet a member of the Order of the Four Sons, who goes by the name Fernando Rios. He is discovered to be very close to finding one of the lost pieces; he isn’t the only one hot on the trail though, and this is only the beginning of a grand journey. It is well worth the read.

Next we come to another book that is set to be the first in a projected series; its title is The False War, and it is by W. C. James. This book features the princess of Cancra, Carman, who longs for freedom and excitement outside of her kingdom. But then her family is murdered, and she is set on a dangerous, violent path to regain her throne. Will she find the allies she needs to meet her goal? Read this exciting tale to find out!

Both books are easy to read, and are good for readers of all ages. They both come well recommended.

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